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Important 2016 Dates

December 1, 2016ThursdayGMRWC Board Meeting
December 15, 2016ThursdayGMRWC Annual Fundraiser

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Recent Photos

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Message from GMRWC President Joan Dreux

GMRWC will be putting together activities to support the 2016 Presidential elections, the election of local Republican candidates like Charles Hernick (8th Congressional District) and the re-election of our 10th District Congresswomen, Barbara Comstock. Be on the lookout for email notices for these activities. We all need to do our part to assure a Republican Victory to the White House and Congress in November 2016.

Republican Party Unity and activism is the creed of our Party Leadership in 2016. Please keep in mind that staying home on Election Day assures the Democrats will win and keep the White House for another 4 to 8 years. Further, the Democrats will also take back the Senate as well as the White House if we all are divisive and stay away from the polls. We need to take a deep breath, stay focused and win in November so we can secure our Nation for our future, for our children and their children. We need to win so we get our Nation back to where it was intended to be by our forefathers; to secure the future of the U.S. Supreme Court, and to rebuild our armed forces and national security. We may not all agree on our candidates, on our candidate selection process or on the outcome of the Republican Party’s July Convention. But, when all is said and done, we must support our Party, support our candidate and go to the polls to get our Republican candidate elected in November.

Have a great summer. Remember to volunteer your time when you can at the McLean Farmer’s Market on Friday mornings. You can sign up at Farmer's Market Sign Up (http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0b4aa8ae22a3f94-mclean). Contact GMRWC member and FCRC Dranesville Chair, Jill Cook, for more information (cooks471@gmail.com). Also, get involved with Comstock re-election campaign (www.barbaracomstockforcongress.com), the Charles Hernick campaign in the 8th District (http://www.charleshernick.com) and the Presidential campaign once the Cleveland Convention wraps up in July.

Message from GMRWC Vice President Elsa Willis

Our Club’s new membership directory for 2016 - 2017 is out and is being distributed to GMRWC Members. Every paid-up member is to receive one, but we are trying to save on mailing costs. The Board will be meeting at the McLean Government Center on Thursday, June 3nd. If you could stop by for your copy, that would be helpful.

We welcome two new members - please add their names to your directory.
Elizabeth Saunders (Beth)
5830 Bent Twig Road
McLean, VA 22101

Rosie Oakley
(Jim Williams)
1207 Daviswood Drive
McLean, VA 22102

Lucy Chatelain's new address
Sunrise Senior Living
8315 Turning Leaf Lane
McLean, VA 22102
Any questions, please contact Membership Vice President, Elsa Willis at dwillis128@aol.com.


Many thanks go out to GMRWC’s McLean Day Chair, Marcia Close, for setting our Club up at McLean Day and hosting our table throughout the rainy day of Saturday, May 21. Marcia also welcomed FCRC and Republican Candidate, Charles Hernick (8th Congressional District, http://www.charleshernick.com ), to share our table during the event. We thank GMRWC members Anne Gruner and Nury Rodriquez-Strange as well for volunteering their time at McLean Day with Marcia.


GMRWC’s 2016 Betty Greer Scholarship Awards were presented to two McLean Seniors at GMRWC May 19th luncheon at the River Bend Country Club in Great Falls. The Awards were given to Adam O’Connell from McLean High School and Paul Youssef from Langley High School. GMRWC member, Marty Smith, introduced the two accomplished young men. The full text of Marty’s introductory remarks is printed below.

It is my pleasure to introduce, in alphabetical order, this year’s two recipients of the Betty Greer Scholarship, given by the Greater McLean Republican Women’s Club. I will dispense with listing the grades and honors of these two young men. Suffice it to say that they are “A” students with boatloads of AP courses. The club is pleased to recognize their achievements and their potential.

Adam O’Connell, a McLean High School senior and member of the National Honor Society, is bound for the College of William & Mary this fall. His interests are remarkable in one particular. He has held leadership positions in all of them. In music, as a member of the Marching Band and the Concert & Symphonic Band, Adam rose to a section leader position. As an Eagle Scout of Troop 1128, Order of the Arrow, Adam has held multiple, varied, and challenging leadership positions within his troop, within the larger chapter, and finally within the Virginia Central Area. He was able to pursue his hobbies of backpacking at the rugged Philmont Ranch in NM and scuba diving at Sea Base in the Bahamas, two of scouting’s very demanding High Adventure camps.

As the mom of 2 Eagle Scouts myself, also from Troop 1128, I can assure one and all without equivocation that Adam’s journey through scouting will have contributed immeasurably to making him a strong and capable leader.

Adam’s current major endeavor centers on information technology. At McLean High School, he worked with the school’s IT specialist to develop an internship position dealing with directory and network infrastructure. He assisted in the founding of, and currently works at, OpComps LLC, a firm that provides computer repair and support services in the Northern Virginia area. He awaits expected proficiency certification in June in three areas related to his work.

Adam’s conservative bona fides come with his presidency of the MHS Young Conservatives Club. Believing that lower taxes and energy independence are crucial to a prosperous America, he worked with Americans for Prosperity to organize meetings and volunteer options. In the process, he acquired and refurbished computers for the needy, thru SHARE.

Asked his opinion of the difference the Republican Party can make at the local, state, and/or federal level, Adam responded that local government is the most important because “it has the most direct access to voters and voters’ lives.”

Paul Youssef, a senior at Langley High School, and the other of our two scholarship recipients, will be attending Notre Dame University in the fall.

In addition to his stellar academic record, he has found time to play baseball, teach religious education classes at his church, tutor in math and science, earn his Eagle rank in scouting, serving as a senior patrol leader, engage in campaign activities, and currently holds a job with Americans for Prosperity. Somehow, he even found the time to work for SafePlace-USA for a year, leading a team of 12 on a job for GWU.

Paul is President of the Langley High School Young Republicans Club and has given dedicated service to two of our own club members. He worked on Barbara Comstock’s last two campaigns as well as interning for her on Capitol Hill last summer. He also worked for Jennifer Chronis in her bid for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. But that wasn’t all. He worked for Craig Parisot’s special election for delegate to the Virginia House and even helped Brian Schoeneman and Danny Vargas in their campaigns.

He believes in the Republican values that America should be strong and that government exists to serve the people, to protect their freedoms and their rights as citizens, and to ensure their opportunity to fulfill the American Dream. He has concluded that Republicans fight for “the very roots of what America represents.” He gives “the strong grass roots effort of the party in Fairfax County” as the reason for his commitment of time and energy to the campaigns he has served.

Congratulations, Paul, and best wishes to you as well in all your future endeavors.


GMRWC members and their guests enjoyed the humor and political wisdom expressed by author and political strategist, Michael Balzano, at GMRWC’s May 19th luncheon held at the River Bend Country Club in Great Falls, VA. Michael stressed that it was by reaching out and capturing the votes of the industrial working class voters in this country that both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan won their Presidential elections. We need to get our Republican message out, face-to-face, to those voters who work with their hands; it is the only way for Republican candidates to win elections. These are the Americans who naturally uphold our Republican values and cherish the creed, “If you work hard, anyone can succeed in America”.

Michael and his spouse, GMRWC member, Denise Balzano, held a successful book signing at the luncheon. Members will enjoy Michael’s personal autobiography of his years as an advisor to Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush senior and many others. I highly recommend reading Michael’s new book, BUILDING A NEW MAJORITY.


All eleven congressional districts have completed their respective conventions. Now we can focus on winning the White House and returning our GOP members to the House of Representatives. The issue that drove many to take part in their congressional convention is the debate between those who support conventions and those who prefer primaries to select our nominees, especially candidates for national and state-wide elective office. Delegates to the RNC in Cleveland are finished. It is the time to form the phalanx and move forward to win in November.

How will we accomplish this victory? We must promote our candidates on a person-to-person basis. Letters to the editor are important; they often help define the vital and stark differences between the two Parties. Studies have determined that nothing replaces the importance of that one-to-one, press-the-flesh interaction with people we actually know. In fact, in a recent survey, party activists were asked how they, themselves, became involved in the political process. The most common answer, by far, was that someone asked them to take part. It is our responsibility to help inform our friends, neighbors, and yes, in some cases, our family members, as to the principles upon which we as Republicans stand.

What are ‘winning GOP’ issues? Perhaps we ignore the ‘global warming’ issue, as it can be complicated, and far too many have been hoodwinked into getting on board with that agenda. And hasn’t that one been flogged for many a year in the media? Try the release of terrorists from Gitmo; the high crime rates among illegal aliens, and the dear price we pay to incarcerate them rather than deport offenders. The right to keep and bear arms is another topic that may be of interest. If we ‘cashier’ 2A, which Amendment will we dump next? Free speech? That push is underway in popular culture and on many a college campus even today.

What about the destruction of local zoning laws being thrust upon the entire nation? Democrats are relentless on this topic, but many voters who may lean-Democrat do not. Here is an opportunity to discuss and educate others as to our superior ideas and solutions to real problems. Note that the destruction of local control of zoning laws and regulations, it has been speculated, will result in the import of criminal gangs into our neighborhoods. Billions of dollars are proposed, according to this initiative, and will be expended to construct massive housing projects to facilitate this agenda. It is a massive power grab that has enlisted the Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other ‘fair housing’ proponents to utilize census data to impose their top-down zoning measures on local governments. Local control will be usurped by the largesse of the Federal over-reach. It is a basic tenet of the Democrat play book, and it is time we did a little education regarding the adverse impact of such measures. Even their own study determined that the 2011 HUD review revealed that ‘…the most ambitious randomized social experiment ever conducted by HUD” was a massive failure. In fact, a 15- year study determined that the objective of reducing the number of recipients’ dependent on SNAP (‘food stamps’) had zero net effect on employment, educational attainment or income outcomes. These measures, however well intentioned, are massive failures.

We can all agree we are concerned about the ruinous public housing projects, the epic failure of inner city schools, the drug and alcohol abuse, crime and urban decay are ponderous problems that have festered for decades — but note that all such areas have labored under heavy-handed Democrat control. The solution is not to infect all areas with the problem, but to instill genuine reforms. Dictating the location of Section 8 housing is not the answer, but shuttering failed government schools, replacing them with traditional educational objectives just may be a start. So talk with others, bring up topics that most would agree are vitally important for the future of our nation and all our children. One need not simply respond to whatever the major media determine are the critical issues. A strong national defense and rational foreign policy are vital to our survival yet we hear little on these topics. Get informed, and get out there! We can win with enough informed voters, pulling back from the breech in which we now find ourselves. See you on the campaign trail!


*2016 GMRWC Board Meetings will be held at 10 a.m. in the Community Room at Balls Hill Government Center in McLean with the exception of November 2016 (TBD) due to the use of the room by the Board of Elections.

Board meeting dates are June 2, September 8, October 6, November 3, and December 1.

*June, July & August 2016 - No official meetings of the GMRWC are held over the summer months.

*All Summer, McLean Farmer’s Market Republican Table on Friday mornings. Go to Farmer's Market Sign Up.

*Thursday, September 22, 2016 – Luncheon roundtable discussion on November 2016 Elections lead by Republican leaders from the RVP and other local Republican groups. Location TBD. Will begin at 11:30 A.M.

*Thursday, October 20, 2016 – Speaker will be a representative from NEXTGEN GOP and will start at 11:30 A.M. Location is TBD.

*Tuesday, November 8 – National Presidential Election Day – Get out the vote and Vote!

*Thursday, November 17, 2016 - TBD

*Thursday, December 15, 2016 –GMRWC’s Annual Fundraiser will be held at the River Bend Country Club in Great Falls, Virginia. New GMRWC 2017 Board will be sworn in and speaker TBD.


Check out Fairfax County Republican Committee’s event alerts at Web page of the FCRC at www.fairfaxgop.org. -

RPV events and activities- (804) 780-0111 & www.virginia.gop

-July 18 – 21 - RNC Convention in Cleveland, OH

-Sign up for McLean Farmer’s Market at Farmer's Market Sign Up.


GMRWC Event Reservation, Event Payment and Event Cancellation Policy:

GMRWC event headcounts for Club events and its venues are to be based on the number of reservations received by the Club Registrar at the close of business (6 p.m.) on the officially published RSVP deadline date for making a reservation for the event. Our event reservation deadline should be at least 3 business days before an event.

Any member or guest who cancels a reservation past the Club’s officially published RSVP deadline date is financially responsible to the Club for paying the published fee for the event since the Club is generally required to make full payment for the headcount commitment we make to our venues for headcounts given post the published RSVP date deadline. No refunds will be given to a member or guest when a member cancels post the Club’s published event RSVP date deadline. The only exception will be if the Executive Board has determined the member or guest failure to attend the event was the fault of our Club. In the rare event that this occurs, the Executive Board will ask the Treasurer to reimburse the member or guest for this event.

When a member or guest reserves and makes payment for a GMRWC event and then gives a cancellation notice to the Club Registrar prior to the Club’s officially published RSVP date deadline for the event, the member or guest will receive a full refund for the event from the Club Treasurer by the end of the month in which the event takes place.


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