Old GMRWC news, 2016

Important 2016 Dates

January 7, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Board Meeting
January 7, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Board Meeting
January 14, 2016 Thursday Technology Workshop
January 27, 2016 Wednesday VFRW Legislative Day
February 4, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Board Meeting
February 18, 2016 Thursday Health Issues
March 1, 2016 Tuesday Virginia Presidential Primary Day
March 3, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Board Meeting
March 17, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Luncheon
April 7, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Board Meeting
April 21, 2016 Thursday GMRWC New Member Wine & Cheese Party
April 22-24, 2016 Fri-Sun VFRW Annual Convention
May 5, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Board Meeting
May 2016 tbd GMRWC Annual Fundraiser
May 19, 2016 Thursday GMRWC Luncheon

Message from GMRWC President Joan Dreux

Primary Day in Virginia is March 1st!

In late January 2016 the RPV's State Central Committee withdrew its requirement for your signature on your March 1st Primary ballot. So, there are no more worries on that controversial measure. Bigger issue: getting folks out to vote! As a GMRWC member you have a very simple mission for March 1st: get out to vote and get your friends out to vote too. This is a very important Presidential Primary Election! Show up and let your vote be counted and help get the best of the remaining primary candidates selected to run against the Democrats' candidate in November 2016!

Important upcoming dates: Virginia Federation of Republican Women's Annual Convention is being held here at the McLean Hilton in Tysons from April 22-23. GMRWC members should have a strong presence at this convention. Please register for the convention at the VFRW web site and further, plan to attend the GMRWC's April 21st New Member Wine and Cheese at my home from 6-8 P.M. VFRW Executive Board Members will be our special guests along with state, local and federal elected officials.

Important date change for our club's annual fundraiser event: GMRWC's Annual Fundraiser will be on December 15, 2016; it will not be held in May 2016. Wanted to be sure you noted this on your calendars.

If you are not fully aware of the far-reaching HUD Fair Housing regulations, I have included an article in this month's [March's] Trumpet to help better educate all of us on the subject. Further, our March 17th our luncheon speaker, Supervisor Pat Herrity (R), will be discussing this topic and the impact of HUD's regulations on housing in Fairfax County.

– Joan Dreux

Note: You can also read Tom DeWeese's article here:
Private Property Ownership – the First American Right To Die Under Barack Obama's Tyranny


Your membership renewal is due. Our Club's membership directory for 2016 will soon be going to press. Please fill out your renewal form. (See copy on Page 9 of the March Trumpet.) You can fill out the form sent to you at home or copied from the Trumpet. Mail in form ASAP with your check made out to GMRWC, P. O. Box 417, McLean, VA 22101. March is the last Trumpet in 2016 until we have received your renewal dues. 2016 is a very important year to stay connected and in touch with politics. Your GMRWC membership helps you do that.

When to Call 911

GMRWC Past President, Lynn Clancy, was the Club's February luncheon speaker. Lynn shared her personal and professional tips on "When to call 911," based on her experience as a trained and practicing EMT/Paramedic for the Fairfax County Fire Department. Lynn put particular emphasis on signs for stroke and heart attack and made it very clear that we should never hesitate to call 911 or apologize for doing so. Sometimes that which appears to be just a bad stomach ache or fuzzy brain activity could be something very serious. Calling 911 will increase our chances of surviving and limit damage to your brain and/or heart and other body organs. Go to the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association websites to learn more about signs of heart attack and stroke.

State and Local Conventions:
Are you signed up to be a 2016 delegate?

Will you be a delegate at the Fairfax Country Republican Committee Convention on Saturday, March 12? Will you be a delegate at the 10th District Convention on Saturday, April 16th? Will you be a delegate at the State Party Convention on Saturday, April 30th? I will be at all three and hope to see many of our GMRWC members there as well. Let me know if you will be attending any or all and we will plan a time to meet up. Being an active GMRWC member and proactive Virginia Republican is of the utmost importance in 2016! I will be doing my best to be involved and reach out to you to do your part as well. Be active. Be involved. Help us win the 2016 elections with your active support of our candidates and campaigns to get the vote for Republican candidates for November 2016!

- Joan Dreux

April 21 New Member Wine & Cheese Party

Join us on Thursday, April 21, for the GMRWC New Member Wine & Cheese Party, 5:30-8:30pm at the home of Joan Dreux. GMRWC will be inviting as special guests the Executive Board of the VFRW and our Federal, State & Local Republican officials.

April 22-24 VFRW Annual Convention

The VFRW Annual Convention will be held April 22-24, 2016 at McLean Hilton Hotel in Tysons Corner, VA. All GMRWC members are encouraged to register and attend.

May 2016 Luncheon

The May 19, 2016 meeting will be held at 11:30am at the River Bend Country Club Speaker TBD. GMRWC's Greer Scholarship winner(s) will be recognized and presented with their awards at this luncheon. Contact Greer Scholarship Chair, Louise Epstein, for more information on how to apply for the Greer Scholarship. Applicants can apply during March and early April 2016. All applications must be filed with Louise Epstein by Friday, April 15th.

Message from GMRWC President Joan Dreux

I am certain that you have read about the Republican Party requiring a signature on your Primary ballot confirming that you are Republican. This information is accurate and legal. If you do not want to sign the acknowledgement of your Republican Party affiliation, you can request to vote with a provisional ballot instead. Provisional ballots will be made available to voters at all polling places and will be counted along with other ballots cast in the Primary Election on March 1.

Why is this important? We as Republicans cannot sit out the March 1st Primary in Virginia; this Primary will select our Republican Presidential candidate. We cannot stay home on March 1st just because we do not want to sign a Party Affiliation statement. An alternative to this procedure is being made available to all of us if we choose to use it. If we sit this out this Primary and stay away from the Primary polling places, who is advantaged – The candidates we least want to run for President – The candidates who cannot beat the Democrats' Presidential candidate. We as Republicans cannot afford to take this disagreement on process and procedure out on the Primary. Our responsibility to our Country and to our future is to get out and vote. Take up the details of your objections to signing an acknowledgement of your party affiliation at a different time and a within a different forum within the party.

My message as President of the GMRWC is very simple – get out and vote in this most important of Presidential Primary Elections! Show up and let your vote be counted and get the best of our primary candidates selected to run against the Democrats' candidate in November 2016! We as Republicans cannot afford to sit out any election! We can only afford to "win" in November. In order to win, we have to have the votes recorded to elect the best candidate we have to run for our Party in November. It takes your vote to make that happen! Vote on March 1, 2016!

An Important Message from Gerri Smith


Winter may appear to be a calm, peaceful time, with little taking place. But quite to the contrary, winter is the time of great activity that is organized to impact spring and summer, and so it is with the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). We will soon elect the men and women who determine the operations of the GOP in Virginia. Anyone who would like to take part in the function of the GOP must file to be a delegate, however, to the various levels and positions. These party offices are the machinery of the party, and the winners will determine a number of important items, among them the method of nomination for candidates (Convention or Primary); interest in legislation to allow voter registration by political party; and the like. There are many critical issues that are determined by those whom we elect. It is not complicated, but it is vitally important to file to be a Delegate in order to impact these decisions.

Filing forms are available online at www.fairfaxgop.org as well rpv.org. By filing as a Delegate to either the 8th, 10th or 11th Congressional district conventions, one must also join the local entity. The State Central Committee (SCC) members will also be elected within the various 11 Congressional district conventions. These members are charged with constructing and conducting the operations of the RPV, specifically the method of nomination for candidates. [To illustrate the importance of filing: On June 27, 2015, the SCC met in the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton, VA to determine, among other items, whether or not to hold a Presidential convention or primary in 2016. The discussion was often heated, and passionate appeals were launched in favor of one means or the other, and advocates for primary were able to prevail. That vote illustrates the importance of the SCC. Only elected members of the SCC may vote, or speak on the floor.] At the local level, in the 8th, 10th and 11th CD units, we will convene to elect members to these governing bodies. Those seeking election have now previously filed, and their elections will be held this spring. In order to take part in the selection we must file to be a delegate to the various conventions.

In Fairfax County, the filing deadline is 12:00 noon, February 20, 2016. All Forms are online. Download the form, fill it out and return it no l ater than the above date.


  • Fairfax County Convention: March 12th, Waterford, Springfield, VA
  • 8th Congressional District Convention: May 7, 2016, Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, VA
  • 10th Congressional District Convention: April 16, 2016, Stone Bridge High School, Ashburn, VA
  • 11th Congressional District Convention: May 14, 2016, Centreville High School, Clifton, VA
  • RPV State Convention: April 29, 2016, JMU Convention Center, Harrisonburg, VA

REDISTRICTING NEWS: Federal statutes govern redistricting. Traditionally, the various state legislatures are charged with this mandate, with two basic criteria: 1. Equal population within each district; and 2. Balanced by racial and ethnic diversity. (Sec. 2, Voting Rights Act of 1965 ). However, several groups in Virginia have organized to change the means of redistricting, seeking to replace the method of drawing legislative districts. Reformers maintain that current practices disadvantage non-incumbents. They advocate either electronic (computer generated model) means, or an independent commission, comprised of various community and other interests groups. How this issue is resolved will greatly impact the future elective process in Virginia. Here is a list of 7 lobbying groups that have recently filed to impact redistricting:

  1. League of Women Voters
  2. New Virginia Majority
  3. OneVirginia2021
  4. Resources Building Tomorrow
  5. Sierra Club, Virginia Chapter
  6. United Mineworkers of America
  7. Virginia Interfaith Centre for Public Policy

These groups advocate for, but not limited to, immigrant status/expanded voting rights/ minimum wage/ economic development/minority set-aside hiring requirements,/labor issues,/pension and healthcare expansion/restoration of voting rights for convicted felons,/reduce incarceration terms/expanded absentee voting.

As ever, it is critical that we stay informed and involved in our communities. Please file to be a delegate; contact your elected officials, and stay involved to support the principles upon which our Republic was founded. Yeah. It is that important that we file to be Delegates.

March 17, 2016 Luncheon

On Thursday, March 17, 2016 the GMRWC luncheon will be at The Brio Tuscan Grille in Tysons and will begin at 11:30 A.M. We will be joined by special guest, Fairfax County Supervisor, Pat Herrity. Supervisor Herrity will bring us up-to-date on matters facing the Fairfax County Board as well as discuss the impact of HUD fair housing regulations on Fairfax County

Please RSVP to GMRWC'S registrar, Marty Smith, no later than 7 P.M. on Monday, March 14th. Lunch price is $25. Please send your check for $25 per person to GMRWC, P.O. Box 417, Mclean, VA 22101. When you are at BRIO, we each will get chopped salad and have a choice of ordering either Pasta Brio, Mezza Chicken or Mezza Lasagna Bolognese. Iced tea, coffee or a soft drink are also included.

February 18 Health Issues

On Thursday, February 18 at 11:30am GMRWC will be joined by GMRWC member, Lynn Clancy, to discuss health issues of interest to women and residents of Fairfax County. February is "HEART MONTH" and Lynn is a licensed EMT in Fairfax County and a past GMRWC president. The topic is "WHEN SHOULD I CALL 911?"

Lunch will be held at Mylo's Grill in the Chesterbrook Shopping Center in McLean. Please RSVP to GMRWC event registrar, Marty Smith, no later than 7 p.m. on Monday, February 15th. Each member will be able to order and pay for their meal individually. No payments for this event will be collected by the GMRWC.

May 2016 Annual Fundraiser

The GMRWC Annual Fundraiser Event will be held in May at the River Bend Country Club in Great Falls, VA.

January 27 VFRW Legislative Day

Look for details to register in newsletter issued by the VFRW and on VFRW web pages. Hope to see many of you register and attend Legislative Day in Richmond on January 27th. The Legislative Survey for the VFRW is in the last VFRW newsletter.

Message from GMRWC President Joan Dreux

Happy New Year to all! Quick reminder: If you have not already sent me your political campaign hours for 2015, please send them to me ASAP so I can report them to the VFRW. I am asked to report this information early in January.

Now to our political goals for 2016. It is up to Republican activists and voters like us to make sure that our fight for the White House in 2016 is won! For Republicans to realize this achievable goal, we have all got to be united and be in this fight together. We have to continue to build and expand our Republican constituency and most importantly, get our friends, acquaintances and our family members out to vote next November. If many of us sit this one out, Hillary will win. It is almost assured. My role as GMRWC President will continue to be to help us grow as a Club and as a Party and to help get out the vote with your volunteer support. I am eager for the White House and to help Congresswoman Comstock continue as our Representative for VA's 10th Congressional District, aren't you!?! Let's get out there together and be a strong force for our Party and its candidates. Here[s to Victory in 2016 and onward!

On a slightly different note, our long-term member and Republican loyalist and activist, Olivia Jenney, has moved up to New Jersey to be closer to her daughter. Olivia will remain a GMRWC member but will be unable to attend our events. […] Olivia will be missed, especially by me, because I will always remember Olivia reaching out to me as a new member and bringing me into the circle of the GMRWC Board. Without Olivia, I may not have had the privilege to serve GMRWC in the various ways I have over the past several years. Thank you, Olivia, and Happy New Year in your new home.

Thanks also to the 2015 GMRWC Board and to the Executive Board Officers for their service and ongoing commitment to Republican values and to the election of Republican candidates. We had a good year; we hope to continue to grow our Club and our Party and to enjoy our events in the process of achieving our campaign goals and winning elections.

Now GMRWC: onto 2016 and to the various events and activities that will lead us to the White House and bring Republican and Independent voters to the polls in November to vote our Republican candidates for the Oval Office and Congress in!

Message from Membership VP, Elsa Willis

It is time to renew your GMRWC membership for 2016. Renewal forms and checks are due by December 31, 2015; mail your filled out form and check to GMRWC, P.O. Box 417, McLean, VA 22101. (See last page of the recent Trumpet to copy and paste your membership renewal form.) Your dues payment will be credited during January 2016. Please note that if you are renewing as an Associate Member, you MUST list the name of the club of which you are a regular, full voting member. As an Associate member of the GMRWC, you are not a voting member. This rule is established by the VFRW. Also, please fill out the entire form with name, address, etc. so that we can update our records and remain current with you and have up-to-date information for our 2016 member directory. Your attention and prompt payment of your dues is greatly appreciated and will help in saving postage if they are mailed in from this notice. Thank you very much!

January 14 Technology Workshop

Join us on Thursday, January 14, 2015 for the GMRWC Technology Workshop at the Microsoft store at Tysons I Mall. We will learn about "The Cloud" and other such useful technology applications. The session is free and will begin at 10 A.M. and lunch will be at Tysons I Seasons 52 Restaurant for those who register for the workshop.

Please RSVP no later than 7pm on Monday, January 11, 2016 to GMRWC Registrar, Marty Smith. All attendees will pay for lunch individually, and no fees will be charged for the Microsoft Seminar.

GMRWC Supported Charities, McLean Students, Senior Citizens

GMRWC Supported charities, McLean students & local senior citizen activities throughout 2015:

  1. Mclean's Lewinsville Center Seniors. Hosts Holiday Parties throughout the year. Thanks to Margaret Roberts
  2. Greer Scholarship awards to two McLean Graduating Seniors
  3. Books donated to Jill's House and to a local women's shelter
  4. Donations made to support: Alternative House, Angels of Mercy Medical Clinic, Boulder Crest Retreat, Fisher House, Insight Memory Care Center, and McLean Volunteer Fire Department.